OpenMath – Math and Computer Science Collide

It has been a while since I posted anything here, but I figured I would keep up to date on projects I am currently working on. his one is OpenMath.

OpenMath is a web-based mathematics tool that introduces basic programming concepts to improve secondary math education. OpenMath provides an engaging environment for mathematics instruction through use of software geared towards enabling students to use dynamic, interactive, and programmable teaching tools.

Computer Science is lacking in the high school education system. Only about 17% of Computer Science teachers have the right credentials to teach it. Nearly 66% of ones that do are from the mathematics field. This proves that although not all teachers may be qualified, a class with a middle ground is beneficial. OpenMath aims to correct this.
We can leverage that many teachers are from mathematics. Lets build a class structure that still teaches the core math curriculum, but fosters kids to learn programming. Students learn two complementary skill sets directly relevant to higher education and the work force. Integration makes it easier to blend into standard schooling if the core class already exists in the system.

My partners, Marcell Vazquez and Sean Abraham, built our initial prototype of the application. We hope to make it into something useful for schools and students and to help spread programming techniques into the younger generations. It was built on the Django framework with computation done through Sage, both of which are Python-based. It was my first time working with all of these, and I can say it is my favorite by a long shot.

Thanks for reading!

Posted by: Eric Mills on 5.8.2012 @ 3:55 am
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